Viewsonic ViewPad 7

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Viewsonic ViewPad 7
Viewsonic ViewPad 7 (ViewPad 7 Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7227 1 x 0.6 GHz, ARM1136EJ-S
Adaptador gráfico
Qualcomm Adreno 200
7.00 pulgadas 16:10, 800 x 480 pixels, lustroso: si
380 g
360 Euros



Puntuación Media: 63.55% - medio
Promedio de 11 puntuaciones (de 13 análisis)
precio: 55%, rendimiento: 50%, características: 71%, pantalla: 81% movilidad: 83%, procesamiento: 70%, ergonomía: 77%, emisiones: - %

Análisis para el Viewsonic ViewPad 7

50% ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Tablet Review
Origen: T Break Inglés EN→ES
Priced at AED 1,899, the ViewTab simply fails to impress- especially considering the new pricing of the iPad which is AED 1,699 for the WiFi version and AED 2,249 for the 3G version. ViewSonic seriously needs to bring the price of it down to below AED 1,000 and even then the ViewPad 7 won’t be as easy sell.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 03/07/2011
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 50%
50% First Look: ViewSonic Viewpad 7 review
Origen: PC Authority Inglés EN→ES
It's a tablet that has it all: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS and even a convenient mini-USB port for both charging and data transfer. That's the full suite of communications technology on a tablet you can fit in a jacket pocket.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 12/24/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 50%
60% Viewsonic ViewPad 7: It's Just a Brand Name
Origen: Inglés EN→ES
The native media player is also quite blah. The tone quality was average at best and as usual The Android OS has no allotment for customizing the audio. As is, the ViewPad is sans FM radio but includes a voice recorder, Google’s Voice Search functionality (which is generally awesome by the way) and Aldiko’s Book Reader that came preloaded. Standard video capabilities include MPEG4 and 3GP files. The plus side about this being an Android device is that you can download freeware like Rockplayer and Mixzing to fill in the media gaps. The bundled handsfree (in-ear type) are not the most comfortable or designed to provide optimum audio for media. On the other hand, it's good enough for calls.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 12/24/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60%
70% ViewSonic ViewPad 7 review
Origen: Techradar Inglés EN→ES
Our other issues are more based around its usage. Realistically if you're in the market for such a mobile internet device then you'll spend the cash on a decent actual smartphone before dropping £300-£400 on this. And if you've already got a decent smartphone you're unlikely to take the time to pick up the ViewPad instead for whatever you want to do. In short, the ViewPad 7 is mostly unnecessary.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 12/24/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 70%
60% ViewSonic Viewpad 7 review
Origen: Stuff TV Inglés EN→ES
A chunky but appealing tablet that lacks power while being undercut by the identical Commtiva N700.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 12/18/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60%
70% ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Review
Origen: Maximum PC Inglés EN→ES
What the ViewPad 7 does offer, however, is a friendly price and a completely telecom-free purchasing experience. The tablet does include 3G support, but ViewSonic isn’t launching it with any subsidized pricing schemes, or obligations for data contracts. The MSRP is $479, and street pricing should drop as low as $429. That represents a significant savings over the iPad and contract-free Galaxy Tab, and might be just appealing enough for wannabe tabletistas to pull the trigger—especially those odd ducks who find the iPad “too heavy."
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 12/09/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 70%
70% ViewSonic ViewPad 7 review
Origen: Tech Advisor Inglés EN→ES

Despite various issues, this user would be happy to call the ViewPad 7 our own and could see ourselves making use of its video and gaming features. A netbook/laptop trade-in for £100 off at Misco makes it a better deal right now – we’d hope to see the standard price drop by this amount by early 2011.

Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 12/08/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 70% precio: 60% características: 70% procesamiento: 70%
ViewSonic ViewPad 7 gets reviewed
Origen: Netbooklive Inglés EN→ES

It’s time to take a closer look at a 7 inch tablet running Android 2.2, namely the ViewPad 7. It has full access to Android Market and will be available sometime in December for about $459. The tablet was reviewed by and they found some very good features, but also some weak points. Let’s plunge in.

Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy corto, Fecha: 11/28/2010
50% ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Review
Origen: Trusted Reviews Inglés EN→ES

ViewSonic's ViewPad 7 Android tablet looks good, is fairly well built and has plenty of features, not to mention a great case. However, it's seriously let down by its uncomfortable shape, slow 600MHz processor and a low-resolution, slightly unresponsive screen.

Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 11/25/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 50% precio: 50% rendimiento: 50% características: 60% ergonomía: 70%
75% Viewsonic ViewPad 7 Android tablet, Tablet sceptics, prepare to be converted
Origen: Reg Hardware Inglés EN→ES
Viewsonic Viewpad 7 Pocketable 7in Android tablet with 3G for data and calls. I was tablet-sceptic before I met this machine, but the ViewPad 7 definitely works for me. The screen is big enough for serious couch surfing at home, and the jacket-pocket friendly form-factor makes it a useful travelling companion. You won't be writing War and Peace using any of the various virtual keyboards, but there's scope for serious note-taking once you get the hang of it.
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 11/22/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 75%
60% ViewSonic ViewPad 7
Origen: Laptop Mag Inglés EN→ES

At $479 (expected to be lower through some outlets), the Viewsonic ViewPad 7 is worth a look for those who crave an inexpensive Android tablet that's easy to tote, especially if you don't want to be locked into a two-year contract. It's about $100 less than the Verizon Galaxy Tab, and you should be able to plug in a SIM Card for making phone calls and surfing the web when you're beyond hotspot range. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the 3G to work as advertised. Among Android Tablets, right now we prefer the Galaxy Tab because of its crisper, higher-resolution screen, faster processor, and Samsung's customized software. However, you can't purchase a Wi-Fi-only model of the Tab yet, which may sway some in the ViewPad 7's direction. The iPad is still the best tablet for our money, thanks to its vast collection of apps. But as the number of Android slates multiplies, this one does enough to warrant some attention.

Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 11/22/2010
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60%
84% Flachkräfte
Origen: Computerbild - 6/11 Alemán
Comparación, , largo, Fecha: 04/01/2011
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 84% características: 84% pantalla: 81% movilidad: 83% ergonomía: 83%
Viewsonic ViewPad 7
Origen: - 2/2011 Alemán
Único Análisis, , Muy corto, Fecha: 01/01/2011


Qualcomm Adreno 200:

Muchos juegos son difícilmente ejecutables con estos adaptadores gráficos o se ejecutan de manera muy lenta.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de tarjetas gráficas moviles y la lista de benchmarks.

S1 MSM7227: SoC para tablets y smartphones que incluye un CPU ARM1136J-S (ARMv6) y un GPU Adreno 200.
>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de procesadores móviles.

7.00": Solo algunos smartphones tienen pantallas más grandes. 

Grandes tamaños de pantalla permiten resoluciones más altas. Por tanto, los detalles como letras son más grandes. Por otro lado, el consumo de energía es más bajo con diagonales de pantalla más pequeñas y los aparatos son más pequeños, más livianos y más económicos.
>> Para averiguar cual fina es una pantalla, vea nuestra lista de DPI.

0.38 kg: Esto es bastante pesado para un smartphone. Normalmente los tablets pequeños pesan así.

63.55%: Una evaluación tan mala es rara. Difícilmente existen portátiles, que sean evaluadas peor.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra Guia de compra de portátiles.


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