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Dell XPS 13 9315, i5-1230U

Especificaciones de Portátil(es)

Dell XPS 13 9315, i5-1230U
Dell XPS 13 9315, i5-1230U (XPS 13 9315 Serie)
Intel Core i5-1230U 10 x 0.7 - 4.4 GHz, 29 W PL2 / Short Burst, 14 W PL1 / Sustained, Alder Lake-U
8 GB 
, GB LPDDR5, 5.200 MHz, onboard, Dual-Channel
13.40 pulgadas, 1920 x 1200 pixels, Sharp SHP1548 LQ134N1, IPS, lustroso: no, 60 Hz
Placa base
Intel Alder Lake-P PCH
Disco duro
Micron 3460 256 GB Soldered, 256 GB 
, 123 GB libre
Tarjeta de sonido
Intel Alder Lake-P PCH - cAVS (Audio, Voice, Speech)
2 USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 20Gbps, 2 Thunderbolt, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 2 DisplayPort
Equipamento de red
Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 (a/b/g/h/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/ Wi-Fi 6E 6 GHz)
Alto x ancho x profundidad (en mm): 14 x 295.4 x 199.4
51 Wh, 50393 mAh Litio-Ion
fast charging / Quickcharge
Sistema Operativo
Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Características adicionales
Altavoces: Tweeter + woofer, Teclado: Chiclet, Luz de Teclado: si, 12-month McAfee LiveSafe, 12 Meses Garantía
1.161 kg, Suministro de Electricidad: 245 g



Puntuación Media: 77.93% - bien
Promedio de 12 puntuaciones (de 14 análisis)
precio: 88%, rendimiento: 75%, características: 57%, pantalla: 83% movilidad: 80%, procesamiento: 85%, ergonomía: 88%, emisiones: 89%

Análisis para el Dell XPS 13 9315, i5-1230U

88.2% Revisión del portátil Dell XPS 13 9315: Bajo rendimiento, increíble duración de la batería | Notebookcheck
Procesadores P para el XPS Plus, procesadores U para el XPS normal. La fragmentación de Dell se nota: Puedes olvidarte de la versión normal con un procesador de clase U, si buscas un rendimiento rápido en un dispositivo de 13 pulgadas. En cambio, está pensado para el entretenimiento y las tareas sencillas de oficina con sus buenos tiempos de ejecución, sus bajas emisiones y su pantalla FHD de alto contraste.
91% Dell XPS 13 9315 review: The “One” in 13″ ultra-portable Windows laptops
Origen: Techaeris Inglés EN→ES
I may be off point here, but some of the negative reviews the 9315 has gotten may be because of the 13 Plus. The new Dell XPS 13 Plus is a fantastic-looking and wonderful laptop, and the Dell XPS 13 9315 is your average joe in comparison. But I think the average buyer will be better served with this laptop over the more expensive version. It has all the average user needs at a more agreeable price. Most of my cons are the same cons the 13 Plus had. It’s not a perfect laptop; what laptop is? But it’s the one most people, if considering 13″ laptops, should look at.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 12/12/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 91% precio: 95% rendimiento: 90% pantalla: 95% movilidad: 90% procesamiento: 95%
2022 Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 Plus Review
Origen: Mobile Tech Review Inglés
Dell has split the iconic XPS 13 Ultrabook into 2 lines for 2022. We look at both the standard XPS 13 (9315) and XPS 13 Plus (9320) in this review. Both are extremely compact CNC aluminum 13.4” laptops with 16:10 aspect ratio narrow bezel displays, Wi-Fi 6E, Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Iris Xe graphics. The Plus offers higher end display options including our 3.5K OLED and 4K IPS, and it has a faster CPU. The Plus sports a new keyboard design and an interesting borderless trackpad too. The XPS 13 standard edition fights back with a lower price tag and a more conventional keyboard.
Comparación, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 12/01/2022
60% Dell XPS 13 review: An absolutely stunning laptop—until you lift the lid
Origen: PC World Inglés EN→ES
At first blush, the Dell XPS 13 is an attractive ultraportable for its compact design, thin profile, and unique tinted aluminum material. As soon as you attempt to raise the lid, however, the bloom is off the rose. It’s frustratingly difficult to perform the simple act of opening the laptop. In addition, competing ultrabooks offer better performance and longer battery life than the XPS 13 and its 12th-gen Core i5 chip. Further, the 720p webcam is behind the times and, with only two ports, you are forced to keep track of two tiny adapters. For roughly the same price, the slightly larger but still highly portable HP Pavilion 14 Plus offers better performance along with an OLED display and 1080p webcam.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 10/24/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60%
Dell XPS 13 9315 (2022) Review
Origen: Inglés EN→ES
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Dell XPS 13. For 2022, Dell split the XPS 13 into two distinctly different models: the more affordable XPS 13 and the expensive XPS 13 Plus. I feared the base XPS 13 would become a shadow of its former self, but the opposite is true. The base XPS 13 better represents the original mission of the laptop; it’s a premium ultraportable with excellent battery life, a durable design, and a great user experience. Performance is modest but remains fine for day-to-day use and light creative workloads. The result is a laptop that’s great for travel yet enjoyable to use for hours on end. There are a few flaws to note. The lack of physical connectivity, including an absent headphone jack, will turn off those who prefer wired peripherals. The laptop’s webcam, microphone, and display are underwhelming; some competitors in this space offer a 1080p webcam, OLED display, or both. These problems are excused by Dell’s modest pricing, however. It undercuts most premium Windows alternatives, and often by a couple hundred dollars.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 10/20/2022
70% Dell XPS 13 (9315) Review
Origen: PC Mag Inglés EN→ES
The updated Dell XPS 13 is a classy all-around ultraportable, but this edition is more divisive than we'd expect from this longtime flagship line. Its premium metal design remains a conversation piece or item of envy, but its envelope-pushing thinness doesn't fully pay off. You can find more power and a sharper OLED screen without spending much more money, though we look forward to future display options. The XPS 13 remains a fine choice for everyday productivity tasks, but the lack of a headphone jack and the 720p webcam are underwhelming. For the first time in a long time, it feels like the XPS 13 is behind the curve rather than raising the bar. It's still an appealing laptop and a fine daily driver, plus the base model offers good value with top-notch build quality, but the Dell is no longer the leader of the pack.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 10/19/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 70%
81% Dell XPS 13 Review: A Slim, Sturdy Performer for Anyone with MacBook Envy
Origen: CNet Inglés EN→ES
Dell's XPS 13 line does one big thing really well -- it's a slim, well-made Windows laptop that kinda gives you the look and feel of a MacBook Air, but running Windows rather than MacOS. And for the past several years, it's filled exactly that niche. That's why it remains one of my favorite Windows laptops. Even better, it starts at $829, well less than even the older M1 MacBook Air, which is still a great laptop but is also two years old at this point. The newer M2 MacBook Air starts at $1,199 and goes up from there. MacBook comparisons aside (although they are inevitable), the latest XPS 13 stands on its own as a great minimalist Windows laptop. It's reasonably thin (around 14mm), light (2.6 pounds) and has a good 13.4-inch full HD display. My spouse, no stranger to these things, saw the new XPS 13 and said, unsolicited, "That's very Apple-y. Good job, Dell."
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 10/14/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 81%
80% Dell XPS 13 (2022) review
Origen: Techradar Inglés EN→ES
The Dell XPS 13 (2022) has huge shoes to fill, but while it does what it sets out to do very well, there are going to be those who are going to be sorely disappointed by some of the changes Dell makes to the XPS 13 (2022), and some of these are going to be absolute deal breakers. But the XPS 13 (2022) deserves to be judged on its own merits, rather than solely in comparison to the Dell XPS 13 (Late 2020), this model's immediate predecessor. This is especially the case since that model is arguably the best laptop in its class. Still, while we'll get around to weighing the XPS 13 (2022) objectively a bit later, it is important to acknowledge that the new Dell XPS 13 comes with a pedigree and that can't be ignored. In this regard, the XPS 13 (2022) outperforms the model it's replacing in some key areas, but it falls short in others. How you're going to feel about the new XPS 13 is going to depend entirely on where your concerns fall between the two, whether or not some of these are entirely in Dell's control.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 10/06/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80% precio: 100% rendimiento: 60% movilidad: 70% procesamiento: 80%
80% Dell XPS 13 (2022) review: a true answer to the MacBook Air
Origen: Digital Trends Inglés EN→ES
In a lot of ways, the new XPS 13 feels like a response to the overwhelming success of the M1 MacBook Air. While the rest of the Windows ecosystem has continued on, almost pretending as if the MacBook Air didn’t exist, the XPS 13 feels like it’s actually been designed around beating Apple at its own game. It’s still not as powerful or long-lasting as the MacBook Air, but at $829, it’s a killer deal. I love that Dell wasn’t afraid of using the price as an attack against Apple, even if it meant making a few compromises along the way. If I could find a way to add back in a headphone jack, I’d have few qualms recommending this laptop to most people shopping for a Windows laptop. But even as it is, you won’t find another premium laptop under $1,000 quite this good.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 10/06/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
80% Dell XPS 13 review (XPS 13 9315 2022 model)
Origen: Ultrabook Review Inglés EN→ES
The Dell XPS 13 9315 (mid-2022 generation) is still one of the best minimalist Windows ultrabooks meant for those that primarily use their computer to perform light tasks or consume media. It has a sleek, familiar design, is lightweight and compact, and has a decent amount of power under the hood. It’s definitely a good contender as long as you're OK with its minor setbacks.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 09/19/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
70% Test Dell XPS 13 2022 : du classique, efficace, (un peu) moins cher ?
Origen: Clubic Francés FR→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 12/13/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 70% precio: 70% rendimiento: 70% pantalla: 80% movilidad: 70% procesamiento: 80%
70% Test du Dell XPS 13 (9315) : confortable dans ses propres chaussons
Origen: Frandroid Francés FR→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 11/06/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 70% rendimiento: 70% pantalla: 70% movilidad: 80% procesamiento: 80%
85% Test Dell XPS 13 9315 : L’ultrabook ultra fin toujours élégant
Origen: Charles Tech Francés FR→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy largo, Fecha: 10/13/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 85% rendimiento: 90% pantalla: 80% movilidad: 90% ergonomía: 90%
RECENZE: Dell XPS 13 (9315) - 13'' s dotykem, vysoká mobilita ve stylovém kovovém těle
Origen: CZ→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy largo, Fecha: 11/16/2022
80% Dell XPS 13 9315: Avskalad och strömsnål lättviktare
Origen: M3 PC för alla SV→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 09/26/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%


Intel Iris Xe G7 80EUs:

Tarjeta gráfica integrada en los SoCs Intel Tiger Lake G7 basados en la nueva arquitectura Gen. 12 con 80 EUs (Execution Units / Shader Cluster). La velocidad de reloj depende del modelo de procesador. Los chips Tiger Lake se fabrican en el moderno proceso de 10nm+ de Intel.

Estas tarjetas también deben ser capaces de aguantar todos los juegos actuales, pero  la mayoría de ellos en configuraciones de detalles medios y bajos y con bajas resoluciones. Juegos más antiguos, o menos exigentes todavía pueden ser jugados con buena calidad de gráficos.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de tarjetas gráficas moviles y la lista de benchmarks.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de procesadores móviles.

13.40": Sobretodo, este tamaño de pantalla es usado para subportátiles, ultrabooks y convertibles. Para los tres tipos, este tamaño es bastante grande. La mayor variedad de subportátiles es representada con este tamaño.

Grandes tamaños de pantalla permiten resoluciones más altas. Por tanto, los detalles como letras son más grandes. Por otro lado, el consumo de energía es más bajo con diagonales de pantalla más pequeñas y los aparatos son más pequeños, más livianos y más económicos.
>> Para averiguar cual fina es una pantalla, vea nuestra lista de DPI.

1.161 kg: Este peso es típico para grandes tablets, pequeños subportátiles, ultrabooks y convertibles con una diagonal de pantalla de 10-11 pulgadas.


Dell Inc. es una corporación tecnológica que desarrolla, fabrica, vende, y ofrece soporte a ordenadores personales y otros productos relacionados con la informática. Con sede en Texas, Dell da empleo a más de 82,700 personas alrededor del mundo (2009). En 2006, Dell compró el fabricante de hardware Alienware. En más países. Los portátiles se venden directamente a los clientes por Dell y cada portátil fabricado y personalizado de acuerdo a una selección de opciones. La cuota de mercado respecto a las ventas de ordenadores personales en 2007 (estudio de mercado IDC): HP 18.9 %, Dell 16.4 %, Acer 9.9 %, Lenovo 7.5 %, Apple 5.7 %.

Dell análisis

77.93%: Esta evaluación no es convincente. Debe ser considerado que difícilmente existen portátiles que reciben una evaluación abajo de 60%. Esta portátil es evaluada abajo del promedio, esta realmente no es una recomendación para la compra.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra Guia de compra de portátiles.


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Comparador de precios
Stefan Hinum, 2022-09-26 (Update: 2022-09-26)