Nokia 3.2

Especificaciones de Portátil(es)

Nokia 3.2
Nokia 3.2 (3 Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 429
Adaptador gráfico
Qualcomm Adreno 504
2048 MB 
6.26 pulgadas 19:9, 1520 x 720 pixels 269 PPI, pantalla táctil capacitiva, IPS, lustroso: si
Disco duro
16 GB eMMC Flash, 16 GB 
, 8.9 GB libre
1 USB 2.0, Audio Conexiones: Conector de auriculares de 3,5 mm, Card Reader: hasta 400 GB tarjetas microSD, ranura para tarjetas dedicada, Brightness Sensor, Sensores: Acelerómetro, sensor de proximidad
Equipamento de red
802.11 b/g/n (b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4), Bluetooth 4.2, 2G: 850, 900, 1,800, 1900 MHz. 3G: B1, B5, B8. 4G: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B28, B38, B40., Dual SIM, LTE, GPS
Alto x ancho x profundidad (en mm): 8.6 x 159.4 x 76.2
4000 mAh Litio-Ion
Sistema Operativo
Android 9.0 Pie
Primary Camera: 13 MPix f/2.2, 1/3", 1.12 μm, Autoenfoque de detección de fase (PDAF), Flash LED, Vídeos a 1080p/30 FPS
Secondary Camera: 5 MPix , f/2.2, 27 mm, 1.12 μm
Características adicionales
Altavoces: Altavoz mono en el borde inferior del dispositivo, Teclado: virtual, Adaptador de corriente, cable USB, herramienta SIM, 24 Meses Garantía, LTE Cat 4, 150 Mbps/50 Mbps. Valores de SAR: 1.63 W/kg - Cuerpo, 0.24 W/kg - Cabeza. Radio FM, LED de notificación, fanless
181 g, Suministro de Electricidad: 59 g
159 Euros



Puntuación Media: 64.13% - medio
Promedio de 6 puntuaciones (de 18 análisis)
precio: 60%, rendimiento: 41%, características: 32%, pantalla: 71% movilidad: 92%, procesamiento: 65%, ergonomía: 76%, emisiones: 94%

Análisis para el Nokia 3.2

78.8% Review de Nokia 3.2 Smartphone: Un teléfono inteligente Android One sin Android One | Notebookcheck
El Nokia 3.2 trae una gran pantalla IPS, un diseño moderno y la integración de Google Assistant a la parte para superar a otros smartphones de presupuesto. Android One hace que el dispositivo sea una opción atractiva, pero ¿su falta de sensor de huellas dactilares será un factor decisivo? Siga leyendo en esta revisión detallada para averiguarlo.
Nokia 3.2 Review: Big on Battery but Low on Performance
Origen: The Mobile Indian Inglés EN→ES
Nokia 3.2 comes with plus points like a large display, big battery and stock Android experience. But the phone lags in performance with underpowered processor and camera. At the price range of around Rs 9,500 which will get you the 3GB variant of the Nokia 3.2, there are other better options available in the market like the Redmi Note 7 or the Realme 3 Pro which offer much better performance, cameras. One can only consider this phone for its stock Android experience, solid build, and a decent battery backup.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 07/04/2019
60% Nokia 3.2 Review
Origen: NDTV Gadgets Inglés EN→ES
The Nokia 3.2 is targeted at folks looking for a phone with a large display suitable for multimedia consumption, and also one that packs a large battery that easily lasts over a day. And even though the display quality could have been better, the Nokia 3.2 delivers on those two counts. The bloatware-free Android experience and timely updates are also bonuses, but that is just about all there is on the positive side.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 06/11/2019
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60% precio: 60% rendimiento: 50% pantalla: 60% movilidad: 90% procesamiento: 60%
Nokia 3.2 review: Average performer with big display, good on-battery time
Origen: Business Standard Inglés EN→ES
Priced at Rs 10,790 (3GB/32GB), the Nokia 3.2 might not be the best phone in terms of performance and camera. Consider this phone for its pure and optimised stock Android experience, solid build and a decent battery with good on-battery time.
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 06/10/2019
Đánh giá Nokia 3.2: Giá tốt, mượt mà, phím cứng trợ lý ảo hiệu quả
Origen: Tech Times Inglés EN→ES
Nếu bạn tìm một chiếc máy trong tầm giá 3 triệu đồng sở hữu các đặc điểm như cấu hình vừa đủ, hệ điều hành mượt mà, được hỗ trợ cập nhập nhanh chóng và thời lượng pin cao thì Nokia 3.2 xứng đáng để bạn có thể cân nhắc. Không những thế, phím cứng Google Assistant mới là một đặc điểm khiến bạn nên chọn chiếc máy này cho những người lớn tuổi, trợ lý Google sẽ giúp việc sử dụng những chiếc máy này đơn giản hơn khi đã được hỗ trợ tiếng Việt chẳng hạn như việc gọi hoặc nhắn tin cho một ai đó, tìm kiếm bất kỳ thông tin nào trên internet bằng việc ra lệnh hoàn toàn bằng giọng nói.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 06/03/2019
61% Nokia 3.2 Review
Origen: Think Digit Inglés EN→ES
The Nokia 3.2 variant line-up ends where the Nokia 4.2 begins. According to Nokia’s website, the 3GB RAM variant of the Nokia 3.2 costs Rs 10,790. The 3GB RAM variant of the Nokia 4.2 costs Rs 10,990. This slim difference in price gives a buyer very little reason to consider the Nokia 3.2 over the Nokia 4.2. In almost every way except the screen size, the Nokia 4.2 is better and offers more bang for the buck. Unless you desperately crave the larger 6.26-inch screen, go with the Nokia 4.2 if a classy budget Nokia smartphone is what you want to buy. If you're open to other brands, consider the Redmi 7 too. In summary, the Nokia 3.2 offers mediocre performance on almost all fronts, making a very weak case for itself in front of its slightly costlier sibling.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy largo, Fecha: 06/03/2019
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 61%
50% Nokia 3.2 Review: Still a long way to go
Origen: Gadget Show Inglés EN→ES
Nokia 3.2 is a big screen phone with optimal battery life. However, the slow-performance and not-so-good camera quality holds the device back against its competitors. It is a budget phone priced under Rs 10,000 category. It will directly compete with the recently launched Redmi Y3 and Realme C2. Both these devices have better specifications, at least on paper, when compared to Nokia 3.2.
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 05/31/2019
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 50%
75% Nokia 3.2 review: Big display, long-lasting battery and Android One goodness
Origen: India Today Inglés EN→ES
The Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 share much of the same philosophies when it comes to design, hardware and software. The Nokia 3.2 comes with a similar waterdrop display, a dedicated Google Assistant button, a notification light power button and a stock Android Pie experience. But the Nokia 3.2 is a big phone with a tall display and a large battery life, which are some of its best features. It is quite simply a phone that aims to please users who consume a lot of media on a phone.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 05/21/2019
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 75%
Nokia 3.2 First Impressions: Will the large screen display be the only deciding factor here?
Origen: The Mobile Indian Inglés EN→ES
The Nokia 3.2 looks are quite decent in nature and the display is large, which some might find useful. The hardware seems to be an underdog when compared to the rest of the competition in this price range. The cameras are not that interesting, to be honest. The only takeaway here is the Android One branding and large 4,000mAh battery.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 05/21/2019
60% Nokia 3.2 review: Good build quality, but how does it perform?
Origen: The Indian Express Inglés EN→ES
Nokia 3.2 has a very sturdy build and feels like a premium device in hand even though it is made out of plastic. It has a good display, stock Android UI and a good battery for the price. However, considering that the performance and the cameras will struggle against phones like Realme 3, Redmi Note 7, Redmi 7, which are in similar price range.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 05/21/2019
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60%
Hands on: Nokia 3.2 review
Origen: Techradar Inglés EN→ES
It’s not going to redefine mobile phones, but the Nokia 3.2 still feels like a useful device for those on a budget, especially with its bulky battery.
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 02/24/2019
Nokia 4.2, 3.2, 1 Plus and 210 hands-on review
Origen: GSM Arena Inglés EN→ES
We really like what HMD is doing with the Nokia brand in both the middle and higher range and we applaud the company for its grit and dedication that it takes to be successful in this business. Keep it up, HMD - just be cautious, because rapid growth is a double edged sword.
Comparación, disponible online, Muy largo, Fecha: 02/24/2019
Đánh giá Nokia 3.2 sau 48 giờ: Mỗi sản phẩm đều có sứ mệnh riêng
Origen: Nghenhin Vietnam VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 07/09/2019
Những điểm nhấn khiến Nokia 3.2 là smartphone đáng mua trong phân khúc giá rẻ
Origen: FPT shop VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 05/26/2019
Đánh giá Nokia 3.2: smartphone “ăn chắc mặc bền” của mọi nhà
Origen: FPT shop VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 05/24/2019
Chỉ với 3 triệu, đây là chiếc smartphone giúp bạn thỏa sức “phiêu” công nghệ
Origen: FPT shop VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 05/23/2019
Tại sao nên mua Nokia 3.2 ngay lúc này?
Origen: Viettelstore VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 05/22/2019
Trên tay Nokia 3.2: Màn hình lớn, pin trâu, giá từ 2,9 triệu
Origen: FPT shop VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 05/21/2019
5 Lý do nên mua Nokia 3.2 giá chỉ từ 2,99 triệu đồng
Origen: Viettelstore VN→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 05/15/2019


Qualcomm Adreno 504: Estos procesadores gráficos pueden mostrar únicamente juegos antiguos, fluidamente.  Juegos actuales pueden ser presentados con detalles sustancialmente reducidos.
>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de tarjetas gráficas moviles y la lista de benchmarks.
>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de procesadores móviles.
6.26": Solo algunos smartphones tienen pantallas más grandes.  Grandes tamaños de pantalla permiten resoluciones más altas. Por tanto, los detalles como letras son más grandes. Por otro lado, el consumo de energía es más bajo con diagonales de pantalla más pequeñas y los aparatos son más pequeños, más livianos y más económicos.
>> Para averiguar cual fina es una pantalla, vea nuestra lista de DPI.
0.181 kg: Este peso es típico de smartphones.
64.13%: Una evaluación tan mala es rara. Difícilmente existen portátiles, que sean evaluadas peor.
>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra Guia de compra de portátiles.

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