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Motorola Moto G31

Especificaciones de Portátil(es)

Motorola Moto G31
Motorola Moto G31 (Moto G Serie)
Mediatek Helio G85 8 x 1.8 - 2 GHz, Cortex-A75 / A55
Adaptador gráfico
4096 MB 
6.40 pulgadas 20:9, 2400 x 1080 pixels 411 PPI, capacitive touchscreen, OLED, lustroso: si, 60 Hz
Disco duro
64 GB eMMC Flash, 64 GB 
, 44 GB libre
1 USB 2.0, Audio Conexiones: 3.5 mm audio jack, Card Reader: microSD up to 1 TB, shared, 1 Lector de Huellas Digitales, NFC, Brightness Sensor, Sensores: acceleration sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor, compass
Equipamento de red
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 5.0, 2G (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), 3G (900, 2100 MHz), LTE (FDD: 700, 800, 850, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz; TDD: 2300, 2600 MHz), Dual SIM, LTE, GPS
Alto x ancho x profundidad (en mm): 8.6 x 161.9 x 73.9
5000 mAh Litio-Polimero
Sistema Operativo
Android 11
Primary Camera: 50 MPix f/​1.8, phase-comparison AF, LED flash, videos @1080p/​30fps (camera 1); 8.0 MP, f/​2.2, wide-angle lens (camera 2); 2.0 MP, f/​2.4, macro lens (camera 3)
Secondary Camera: 13 MPix f/​2.2, videos @1080p/​30fps
Características adicionales
Altavoces: mono speaker, Teclado: virtual keyboard, charger, cable, SIM tool, silicon case, 24 Meses Garantía, IP52-certified, fanless, waterproof
181 g
200 Euros



Puntuación Media: 75.74% - bien
Promedio de 13 puntuaciones (de 20 análisis)
precio: 55%, rendimiento: 54%, características: 63%, pantalla: 92% movilidad: 84%, procesamiento: 80%, ergonomía: 79%, emisiones: 96%

Análisis para el Motorola Moto G31

78.6% Análisis del smartphone Motorola Moto G31: Pantalla OLED a costa de algunas características | Notebookcheck
El Moto G31 se ha vuelto más ligero y un poco más compacto, y ahora luce una pantalla Full HD. Sin embargo, comparado con el predecesor, también hay que hacer algunas concesiones. En nuestro análisis, descubriremos si el smartphone sigue siendo una buena oferta por 200 euros.
80% Motorola G31, análisis y opinión
Origen: Computerhoy Español
Al final, la sensación que tengo tras una semana con el G31 es que Motorola ha aprendido que debe centrarse en uno o dos apartados para que sean los protagonistas, cuidando al máximo posible el resto, pero intentando ofrecer un precio competitivo. realme y Xiaomi les han puesto las cosas difíciles, pero este modelo creo que recupera esa senda que habían perdido y que empezaron a recuperar a lo largo del año pasado. Tenemos un rendimiento que no destaca porque el Helio G85 ya tiene un tiempo, pero que me gusta por la versión tan limpia que tiene de Android. Me ha gustado mucho el panel OLED y creo que, aunque tiene solo un altavoz, el volumen y la claridad del mismo está muy bien para ver vídeos o jugar. Me habría gustado tener audio estéreo, pero bueno, al menos puedo conectar mis auriculares tanto por cable como por Bluetooth. Y, como digo, es un móvil que apuesta todo por la pantalla, el diseño y la batería, y eso es más que suficiente para un usuario que no quiera hacer muchas fotos, ya que no todo el mundo tiene ese perfil. Creo que este es el camino, como diría el Mandaloriano.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy largo, Fecha: 02/13/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80% características: 80% pantalla: 100% movilidad: 80% procesamiento: 90%

Análises en otras idiomas

Motorola Moto G31 Review Philippines: Playing Catch Up
Origen: Unbox Inglés EN→ES
The under Php 10k segment is challenging for phone brands in the Philippines, and our review of the Motorola Moto G31 shows that they have something interesting to offer in the budget segment. Features like a bright AMOLED display, updated design, and capable internals makes the Moto G31 a good budget phone, though it has to catch up in other aspects like timely software updates, slow charging times, and camera performance.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 02/21/2022
80% Moto G31 review: Still the entry-level king?
Origen: Pocket Lint Inglés EN→ES
The replacement for the G10 and G30 brings more sensible solutions, including a better screen resolution AMOLED panel, that along with the clean software experience makes this a great affordable phone. The cameras are still so-so at best, though, but while rivals such as Realme and Redmi might read better on paper, you can't shake Motorola for the user experience on offer.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 01/31/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
80% Motorola Moto G31 review
Origen: Tech Advisor Inglés EN→ES
The Moto G31 has a few downsides, but they’re all ones you should expect at this price and are reasonable to live with. Slow charging, sometimes laggy performance and cameras that can’t cope in low light is actually a pretty small list compared to a phone that cost this much a few years ago. This isn’t a flashy phone, but one that largely gets the job done if you set your expectations appropriately. Design and core components are basic, but you get a really nice screen here, even if it is limited to 60Hz as well as clean software. If you want a simple and affordable smartphone then the Moto G31 fits the bill. Otherwise, the Xiaomi Redmi 10 has more impressive specs and not much more money.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 01/27/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
80% Motorola Moto G31 review: Decent, but you can do better
Origen: Expert Reviews Inglés EN→ES
The Moto G31 is quite a likeable phone in many ways. The screen is top notch for the price, and the battery seems to last forever. The camera, while unlikely to win over serious photographers, is also capable of getting good results with a little patience. But even at £170, it’s hard to escape the feeling that your money can go a lot further elsewhere. The Poco X3 NFC now sells for just £10 more, and offers significantly more performance, without losing ground in any other key areas. The Moto G31 is solid and dependable, but despite a big improvement in the screen, it’s still hard to recommend over the competition – and that’s chiefly down to raw performance. The Moto G30 wasn’t exactly a speed demon, and moving backwards from there at a slightly higher price is simply too hard to swallow.
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 01/24/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
Motorola Moto G31 Review
Origen: OI Spice Tech News Inglés EN→ES
There’s no denying that you are getting the clean UI experience with the Motorola Moto G31 smartphone, but according to the price point, the overall features of this phone make feel underwhelming. If the phone provides a 5G chipset, it could justify the price tag, but it is not since it’s a 4G phone. Yet, camera quality will be fantastic at some point. If you are considering this phone as your next device, it would be hard to recommend from our end. On the other hand, if you are gettings some discount for the Moto G31, then it might be worth purchasing. But if not, you can check out alternatives like the Motorola Moto G71 smartphone to get relevant specs at a decent price.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 01/18/2022
60% Moto G31 review
Origen: Techradar Inglés EN→ES
The cheaper end of the smartphone market is increasingly cluttered, but Motorola's latest effort, the Moto G31, is keen to make a mark among the best cheap phones. It doesn't entirely succeed thanks to being respectable if unremarkable, but it's certainly cheap at $200/£170 (around AU$280). As it lacks 5G it's a complete miss for anyone looking for a budget 5G phone, and there are definitely similar offerings that provide that. But if you're not too fussed about 5G, you could do a lot worse than the Moto G31. That's aided by the fact that the Moto G31 offers a relatively clean Android experience. Besides the use of Moto gestures, it's a fairly pure form of Android 11, which is certainly appreciated.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 01/17/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60%
86% Motorola Moto G31 review: affordable OLED smartphone
Origen: Root Nation Inglés EN→ES
Motorola tried to make another successful budget phone for the undemanding users. It doesn’t have the most powerful processor, but it works fast in basic tasks. It has not the most outstanding cameras, but the quality of photos during the day will suit most buyers. The 5000 mAh battery will easily last for 2 days. The OLED Full HD+ screen is juicy and clear, better than IPS in other budget smartphones. However… it is clear that, trying to keep an affordable price, Motorola was looking for something to save on. The screen update rate is only 60 Hz, although Moto low-rangers supported 90 Hz before. The macro lens is worse than the competitors, hardly even usable. Compared to the G30, the depth sensor has disappeared. Not that it is necessary, but still. There is no IP certification as well. There is also no version with 6 GB of RAM, and 4 GB in 2022 is not serious. And the “cherry on the cake” is 10 watts charger in the box, which again is not serious even for a budget device. However, if your funds are limited, the Moto G31 is also not a bad choice.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Muy largo, Fecha: 01/11/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 86% rendimiento: 60% pantalla: 100% movilidad: 100% procesamiento: 80% ergonomía: 80%
80% Moto G31 review: another excellent value budget phone from Motorola
Origen: T3 Inglés EN→ES
The Moto G31 really continues the journey that Motorola (via parent company Lenovo) has been on for several years now: making high-quality, low-cost Android smartphones that give you a lot of bang for your buck. That's once again the case with the Moto G31, which serves up more than you would reasonably expect considering that it's not just cheap, but one of the cheapest phones you can get your hands on right now. Okay, the speed of the device's performance and the capabilities of its camera aren't exactly going to wow you, but the phone has a great, large screen and lots of battery life to offer. It's well put together, it comes with a bonus protective case, and there's even a headphone jack so you can carry on using your existing wired headphones. It's going to do everything you need it to do and then some.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 12/29/2021
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
Motorola Moto G31 Review – The Phone For Multimedia Junkies
Origen: Cashify Inglés EN→ES
The Motorola G series is well-known for its affordable price and high-end features. The Motorola Moto G31 is the most recent model to arrive in India, continuing the tradition. The new Moto G31 is a mid-range smartphone with various improvements over its predecessors. The OLED display on this smartphone, for example, is a significant upgrade to consider. In India, the majority of smartphones come with custom software that runs on Android. Motorola, on the other hand, is one of the few brands that keep the stock Android experience, which can be fully enjoyed on the Motorola Moto G31. The new Motorola smartphone, like many devices, has both pros and cons, which I will go over in-depth in this review.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 12/15/2021
80% Motorola Moto G31 review: Made for binge-watching
Origen: The Times of India Inglés EN→ES
The Moto G31 is a fresh option in a sea of phones wanting to lure mobile gamers and spec nerds. If your phone takes over your TV binge watching duties, there’s nothing better than the Moto G31 at this price point now. The display along with Dolby Atmos audio makes for great multimedia experiences, and the long battery life makes power banks history. Paired with a clean and easy to use Android experience, the Moto G31 is easy to recommend for “almost” everyone. Notice the “almost”? That’s because mobile gamers and spec nerds may miss a faster refresh rate. Moreover, the Helio G85 isn’t as good with gaming as the Helio G96, which Realme phones use at similar prices. On the whole, starting at ₹13,000, the Moto G31 is an interesting option for multimedia junkies. If you value a nice viewing experience, great battery life, and a clean Android experience, look no further than the Moto G31.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 12/08/2021
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
80% Moto G31 Review: Still an All-Rounder?
Origen: NDTV Gadgets Inglés EN→ES
With prices starting from Rs. 12,999, the Motorola Moto G31 offers a high-quality AMOLED display, a water-resistant body, and a near-stock Android software experience. However it isn't on par with its predecessor in some regards, and its imaging capabilities are a mixed bag and far from consistent. It's not an all-rounder but might still be a good fit for those looking for a vanilla Android software experience. The Nokia G20 is the only other phone that offers this in this price segment, and as I pointed out in my review, it is an underpowered device. If you don't mind some Android customisation and preloaded apps, there are smartphones such as the Infinix Hot 11S (Review), which are priced lower (starting from Rs. 10,999) but offer better specifications along with better gaming and camera performance. There's also the Realme Narzo 30 (Review) which offers a high-refresh-rate display and a Helio G95 processor at a slightly higher price, starting from Rs. 13,499. Finally, there's the Redmi 10 Prime (Review) which offers a bigger battery and a 90Hz display at the same price.
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 12/07/2021
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80% precio: 70% rendimiento: 70% pantalla: 80% movilidad: 80% procesamiento: 80%
Moto G31 First Impressions: Packed to the Brim
Origen: NDTV Gadgets Inglés EN→ES
Motorola's Moto G31 is packed to the brim when it comes to features and you also get near-stock Android 11, which is hard to find in this segment. This phone features a slightly different design compared to its predecessor, but adds some practical touches like an AMOLED panel. It has one less camera at the back, but has made up for that with a dual-role ultra-wide-angle camera. I'm also expecting some differences in performance with the switch to a MediaTek processor, and that should apply to battery life too. So, stay tuned to Gadgets 360 for my full review, coming up soon, to find out whether the new hardware changes are worth it and if the Moto G31 can carry forward the all-rounder appeal of the Moto G30 (Review).
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 11/29/2021
Motorola Moto G31 Specifications, Pros and Cons
Origen: OI Spice Tech News Inglés EN→ES
The Motorola Moto G31 is launched in November 2021, and the expected price of the phone would be around $250 (Rs 16,999) approx. The phone is quite similar to the Moto G41 and it equips the 6.4 inches AMOLED display that provides impressive colors and contrast, while it also renders the support of the water-repellent design. In terms of the software end, you will attain the stock Android 11 experience. Following that, the hardware of the 12nm – MediaTek Helio G85 chipset is present under the hood. With this processing unit, the Mali-G52 MC2 GPU is intact. For the rear camera section, you will attain the 48MP main camera that offers features like OIS that are quite impressive for mid-range phones. Alongside this, you will get an 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro lens are present. As for the front-facing camera, you will also have a dot-notch 13MP selfie camera. The new Motorola Moto G31 offers a huge 5000 mAh battery with 10W charging support.
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 11/25/2021
80% Schickes OLED-Smartphone für Einsteiger ab 180 Euro
Origen: Tech Stage Alemán DE→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 12/22/2021
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 80%
60% Motorola Moto G31
Origen: Tudo Celular Portugués PT→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, Mediano, Fecha: 01/21/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60% precio: 40%
Unboxing Motorola Moto G31
Origen: Smartphone Italia Italiano IT→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 01/28/2022
Test du Motorola Moto g31 : l’esprit de famille
Origen: Top for Phone Francés FR→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, corto, Fecha: 02/05/2022
Prise en main du Motorola Moto G31 : un bel écran, sans se ruiner
Origen: L' Eclaireur FNAC Francés FR→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 01/21/2022
60% Test du Motorola Moto G31 : un bel écran OLED ne fait pas tout
Origen: Frandroid Francés FR→ES
Único Análisis, disponible online, largo, Fecha: 01/01/2022
Puntuación: Puntuación total: 60% rendimiento: 50% movilidad: 70% procesamiento: 70%


ARM Mali-G52 MP2:

Tarjeta gráfica integrada de gama media con 2 clusters. ARM afirma que la serie G52 es un 30% más rápida y un 15% más eficiente que la serie G51 en el mismo nodo de proceso.

Algunos juegos actuales no fastidiosos pueden ser jugados fluidamente con pequeños detalles.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de tarjetas gráficas moviles y la lista de benchmarks.

Helio G85:

SoC de octava base ARM con 2x grandes núcleos de Corteza ARM-A75 hasta 2 GHz y 6x pequeños núcleos de Corteza ARM-A55 de bajo consumo hasta 1,8 GHz. Integra un Módem LTE Cat-7 (DL) / Cat-13 (UL) (4G), una GPU ARM Mali-G72 MP3 y un ARM Mali G52 MC2 con hasta 950 MHz.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra comparación de procesadores móviles.

6.40": Solo algunos smartphones tienen pantallas más grandes. 

Grandes tamaños de pantalla permiten resoluciones más altas. Por tanto, los detalles como letras son más grandes. Por otro lado, el consumo de energía es más bajo con diagonales de pantalla más pequeñas y los aparatos son más pequeños, más livianos y más económicos.
>> Para averiguar cual fina es una pantalla, vea nuestra lista de DPI.

0.181 kg: Este peso es típico de smartphones.

75.74%: Esta evaluación no es convincente. Debe ser considerado que difícilmente existen portátiles que reciben una evaluación abajo de 60%. Esta portátil es evaluada abajo del promedio, esta realmente no es una recomendación para la compra.

>> Más información puede ser encontrada en nuestra Guia de compra de portátiles.


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Comparador de precios
Stefan Hinum (Update: 2022-01- 7)